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Episode 114: Mrs. Bennett is Never Cast in a Good Light

Listen Book Talk Starts at 38:55 Recorded on May 25, 2016 Book Talk starts at:  Our Mother Bear KAL/CAL starts on June 1!  Any Mother Bears that you have knit or crocheted in 2016 are eligible for prizes in our KAL.  Please go to the  Mother Bear Project Homepage  to request your pattern, under the tab "How to Help".  We hope you will join us! We want to thank  SSKnits  (Joan) for her prize donation for the Mother Bear KAL.  She is donating a pattern of the winner's choice from  her Ravelry Store  and  Knit Figures , her newly designed knitting app! Tracie and Barb will be at   Spinning at the Winery  on Saturday,  June 4 at the Retzlaff Winery in Livermore, CA.  This is a fun, relaxed fiber event with a vendor fair, raffle, wine and a great potluck lunch.  The cost is $5 person.  Don't forget: * sunscreen and a hat * a potluck dish to share * Whatever you would like to drink (wine is available for purchase) Come and join us! Please go over to the 

Episode 113: Thumbs Up for Harriet Tubman!

Listen Recorded on May 11, 2016 Book Talk starts at 39:30 Our Vest-Along ends today.  If you posted an FO in the FOs thread, please listen to the end of the podcast to find out if you won a prize! If anyone would like to donate a prize for the Mother Bear KAL/CAL (July-August 2016), please let us know!   Our donors so far are: LGordon555 is donating a copy of her novel Heads or Tails , and a pattern of the winner’s choice Stephanie, aka TheHappyBuffalo on etsy – 2 skeins of yarn - and she puts them in jars with a hole in the lid for the yarn to go through - so cute! Paula Emmons-Fuessle – 3 copies of her Crooked Ewe pattern WendyWhalen of Knitty Kitty Bags has started dying yarn and is giving away 2 skeins of yarn of the winner’s choice Joanna Johnson’s Green Gables Knits , reviewed by the Chicks in Episode 112 Phoebe’s Sweater Contest: To win one of Joanna Johnson’s children's books, please go to our  Phoebe's Sweater  thread and tell us a