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Episode 193: A Podcast of Many Tangents

Listen Recorded on November 15, 2019 Book Talk begins at 45:00 It's time for our annual 2 Knit Lit Chicks Fall Sweater KAL!  It is running September 15 all the way to January 15 to give you plenty of time to finish a garment.  Join the  Chatter Thread , and check out our sweater bundles.  Challenge yourself! Knitted Knockers Barb had information about knitting or crocheting Knitted Knockers: 1.  You must use the current patterns that are on the  Knitted Knockers Website .  Please do not use the old patterns that had the opening on the side!  The opening should be in the back. 2.  Do not "cinch" or pull the knocker "closed" at the end.   The opening must remain open so the recipient can add or take out the polypill to fit properly. 3.  Please stuff with poly fill only!  Do not use yarn scraps, or quilt batting, etc. 4.  Please do not overstuff the knocker. KNITTING Barb has finished: 1.   Multidirectional Scarf #5  by Karen Ba