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Episode 97: Can Be Good Dog!

Listen Tracie's dress knit from Kombucha, coming soon to the runway at Paris Fashion Week! Our Mother Bear KAL/CAL ends in just a few days.   We have almost 300 bears!   Next KAL?   Fall Sweater 2015 KAL !    This will run September 15 – January 15.   To enter to win, you must knit or crochet an adult-sized sweater with sleeves (even if they are short).   We will have some suggestions for beginner sweater knitters in our chatter thread. Barb and Tracie will be at the CogKnitive Fiber Retreat – Oct 10, 2015 – at the La Quinta Inn in Tehachapi, California Barb finished: Kitty Whiskers socks using Fishknits Strong Heart yarn in the Kitty Whiskers colorway Nordic Trail Vest by Elizabeth Smith, using Cascade Ecological Wool in a brownish/gray colorway Tracie finished Vanilla socks  in Lisa Souza Dyeworks Deluxe Sock in Flahriddah 5 Mother Bears 63 , 64 , 65 , 66 & 67 Barb continues to work on: The  Crackerjack  cowl by Stac

Episode 96: We Aren't Hunters

Listen Book Talk starts at 30:55 Recorded on August 5, 2015 Our  Cardi/Tank or Tee KAL  has ended.  Be sure to listen until the end of the podcast to hear the winners named. Our Mother Bear KAL/CAL  is going strong!  We have over 240 bears so far.  Barb reminded everyone to send their bears into the  Mother Bear Organization  in Minneaplis, MN (including $3 per bear for shipping).  Please let either Tracie or Barb know if you would like to donate a prize. Barb talked about how much she is enjoying the baby birds (House Finches) on her front porch.  They will be leaving the nest soon, and she will miss them. Events Both Barb and Tracie will be attending the  CogKNITive Fiber Retreat  October 10, 2015. Barb talked about how much she is enjoying the Serial Podcast, the Undisclosed Podcast, and the Serial Dynasty Podcast. KNITTING Tracie has finished: Mother Bears #60, #61 & #62.  Pictured at left - the Beach Bears! A pair of vanilla socks