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Episode 248: Sorry, Anita

Listen Recorded on June 10, 2022 Book talk begins at 28:00 2022 MOTHER BEAR KAL Mother Bear Chatter Thread Mother Bear FO Thread 12 in 22 Chatter Thread Lambtown 2022 Virtual get-together Zoom KNITTING Barb’s Finished Objects: Mother Bear #248 Forager Lite  by Isabel Kraemer Barb's Forager Light Tracie’s Finished Objects Mother Bears #277, 278, 274 Never Not Gnoming Gnomes #25 & 26 Great Falls Tracie's Great Falls top by Nataliya Polyakov Barb is working on: That's My Jam  by Steve Fegert Ribs and Wave Poncho  by Great Yarns! Venturer's Vest  by Knitwise Design Irma Hat  - by Aneta Gasiorowksa Barb cast on:   Mother Bear #255 Tracie is working on: Ciara  byLaura Taylor Moon of My Life  by Nadia Cretin-Lechenne Tracie has cast on: Hoodie Shawl Cardigan  - bySusanne Sommer Leave Gnome Stone Unturned  - Sarah Schira BOOKS Barb has finished: The Other Husband  by Kathryn Croft- 3 stars Cold Blooded: A True Story abou