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Episode 181: We Hate These People

Listen Recorded on Wednesday May 15, 2019 Book Talk Begins at 27:30 Our 2019 Colorwork KAL is over!   Be sure to listen until the end of the podcast to hear the prize winners! Dragon Toes Socks by Jenn Sheelen Hint of Sophistication Socks by Jenn Sheelen Our current Giveaway!  We have 2 new sock patterns from Jenn Sheelan: Dragon Toes Socks and Hit of Suspicion.  Comment on this thread  for a chance to win.  This contest will close June 30. The Spinning at the Winery date has been changed from 5/18/19, to Saturday, May 25 at Retzlaff Winery.   Our next Knit-Along will be our annual Mother Bear KAL!  Any bears you have knit or crocheted on 2019 are eligible to post pictures of in our FO thread (which will be started after June 1, 2019).  Come join the Chatter thread  here! KNITTING Barb’s finished objects: 1.  Mother Bears #157, #158 & #159 Barb's latest Mother Bears Tracie’s Finished Objects: 1.  Gnome #15 ( Never Not Gnoming