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Episode 93: We've Never Spent a Night in a Walmart Parking Lot

Listen Book Talk starts at: 34:25 This episode was recorded on June 15, 2015. Come participate in our  Cardi/Tank or Tee KAL/CAL !  You have until August 1st to complete your garment. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  Our annual Mother Bear KAL/CAL is coming right up.  All the information is  here .  It will run July 1 - August 30.   Any bears you have made in 2015 are eligible to enter.  Be sure and make a separate post for every bear you knit or crochet.  And we will have PRIZES of course (cause that's just how we roll). Barb gave a brief update on her current RV trip to Alaska.  She is a fan of the  British Columbia, Canada Provincial Parks  and the  Yukon Territorial Parks . Upcoming Event: The Cognitive Fiber Retreat, October 10th.  All the information is  here . KNITTING Tracie has finished: A special project for her friend Sahcha "Kombubucha Couture collection, which she will be showing at Paris Fashion Week in the fall!  This is a picture of the "ya