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Episode 285: We're Just Wearing Our Most Luscious Sweaters Today

Listen Recorded on April 15, 2024 Book talk starts at 25:36 Our Summer Tops KAL has begun and goes until to June 1, 2024.  It needs to be an adult-sized top that you consider to be appropriate for use in the summer, and we will leave the parameters of that to you!  Come chat with us about summer tops on our  KAL thread , and check out our  Summer Tops bundle  for pattern ideas! Virtual Knitting Group via Zoom EVENTS Tracie and Barb will  NoCKRs - April 25-28, 2024 at the St Francis Retreat Center in San Juan Bautista, CA    The 2024 retreat is full, but please contact Tracie at  to be informed about registration for the 2025 event when registration begins in the fall Fiber Frolic - June 1 at the Soul Food Farm outside Vacaville, CA Tracie and Barb talked about the new swifts availabile from  Alpenglow Yarn !  Barb has one and Tracie has ordered one also. KNITTING Tracie finished: 2 Knitted Knockers PSL Mitts  by Susanna Curtis by Canon Hand Dyes William Merino