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Episode 72: There's Always a Lame One

Episode72.mp3 We have a new hosting site for the 2 KNIT LIT CHICKS podcast!  There are 3 ways to listen: 1.  If you subscribe to our podcast through iTunes, or a "podcast catcher" such as Downcast, you will need to unsubscribe, delete the old feed, and resubscribe through the iTunes Store, or through your pod catcher. 2.  If you use an RSS feed to subscribe to the podcast, you will need to delete the previous feed and add our new one: . 3.  If you listen through this blog, no changes are necessary! Our  Poncho Comeback KAL  is ongoing.  Think about knitting a poncho for the fall; there are lots of good patterns and ideas on our Poncho thread! Our  Mother Bear KAL/CAL  is continuing.  Get your photos up on our  Mother Bear FO  thread; any bears you have knit or crocheted in 2014 are eligible for some great prizes!  Newest prize donations are from: 1.  Paula Emmons-Fuessle of the  Knitting Pipeline Podcast , is donating 3 of her


Hear ye, hear ye - the feed has been updated! To begin receiving our new episodes (Episode 72 will be up this weekend!), please go to iTunes, Downcast, or whatever app you use to listen us, unsubscribe and then resubscribe to 2 Knit Lit Chicks. If our last episode, "RIP Emma's  Taco House" pops up, you have successfully caught our new feed and are all set to catch our any new episodes (and eventually our old ones once we have uploaded them). Thanks for your patience! You will need to unsubscribe and delete the podcast, then go back into the iTunes Store to resubscribe!


7/18/2014   Yes, it is true.  If you haven't heard, it is a long and boring story involving our hosting site, GoDaddy (a pox on them) and Wordpress (a pox on them too).  We are in the process of switching our hosting site to Libsyn (may they enjoy good health and happiness forever).  And we have to reapply to have our podcast published to iTunes.  This will all take a week or two.   In the meantime, to download our latest episode (Episode 71) for listening on your mobile device, please go to the feature to add a new subscription in iTunes (in the file menu) or your podcast-listening app and manually add the feed:   Y ou can also listen to it here through our blog. We are not pod-fading or going away.  Our sparkling personalities will soon be available again on a regular basis.  When everything goes live on Libsyn, we will let you know via our forum, this blog and our Facebook Page .  At that time, you will probably have to un

Episode 71: RIP Emma's Taco House

Episode71.mp3 Book Talk starts at 57:25 Tracie & Barb with Mother Bear Project founder Amy Berman and her mom  in the Mother Bear booth at Stitches West, February, 2014 Come join our  Mother Bear KAL/CAL !  Post your FO pictures of each and every bear you have knit or crocheted in 2014 in our  Mother Bear FO thread  and you are eligible to win some great prizes, including: - A skein of yarn (your choice!) from  Desert Vista Dyeworks - A skein of  Gnome Acres Scruffy Gnome Fingering  in the Kiwi colorway You have until September 1, 2014 to post your pictures! The  Knitty Ginger Podcast KNITTING Tracie has finished: Mother Bear #42 , using  Jo-Ann's Purl Essence Angel Hair  yarn 3  Perfect Fit Baby Hats , designed by Heidi Mikitish Spring Showers  cardigan by Joji Locatelli, using Newton's Yarn Country DK Superwash  in the purple colorway. Symbiotic Cowl  by Hanna Maciejewska, using Baa! Sonoma in the Mystique & Blue Sapphi