7/18/2014   Yes, it is true.  If you haven't heard, it is a long and boring story involving our hosting site, GoDaddy (a pox on them) and Wordpress (a pox on them too).  We are in the process of switching our hosting site to Libsyn (may they enjoy good health and happiness forever).  And we have to reapply to have our podcast published to iTunes.  This will all take a week or two.  

In the meantime, to download our latest episode (Episode 71) for listening on your mobile device, please go to the feature to add a new subscription in iTunes (in the file menu) or your podcast-listening app and manually add the feed:  You can also listen to it here through our blog.

We are not pod-fading or going away.  Our sparkling personalities will soon be available again on a regular basis.  When everything goes live on Libsyn, we will let you know via our forum, this blog and our Facebook Page.  At that time, you will probably have to unsubscirbe and resubscribe to our podcast.  But not yet!  We appreciate your patience.