Episode 54: Spy vs. Spy

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You can knit bears for The Children’s Cancer Recovery Project in the United Kingdom!

Leslie Gordon is donating a copy of her Elementary Hats e-book as a prize for our sweater KAL – Thanks, Leslie!  

The Sweater KAL – Chatter Thread and FOs Thread

Lambtown – October 5 & 6 in Dixon, CA

Stitches West – Feb 20-23, 2014 in Santa Clara, CA

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George Smiley is not James Bond
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John LeCarre’s George Smiley books:

Books About Autism:
Temple Grandin


  1. I'm glad I found a new knitting podcast! And, how funny that this is the first podcast of yours that I have listened to... my son has autism and I was diagnosed with Aspergers as an adult. I loved "The Curious Incident..." and I was just thinking about it yesterday. I think your review of this group of books was very fair. After my sons Dx, I encountered some overly dramatic books written by parents who wanted to look like martyrs so I got much more selective. Your list is very close to mine. Good job. I'm going back to download your older episodes now. Thank you for a nice introduction.

  2. I bought Send in the Idiots, my Godson Devin is 24 and is an aspergerian, my mom read the book and we have now given it to Devin to read, he has read Eyes Wide Shut and Raising Cubby and we thought this would be a good next book, if you can recommend any more Autism books that are uplifting and positive I would appreciate it - - Sharon (aka KnittingAuntie on Rav)

    1. Sharon-I am looking for the book, Eyes Wide Shut that is related to aspergers. Do you knowbthe author? Donald_hoffman@yahoo.com

  3. oops, Look me in the Eyes was the other book, not Eyes wide shut

  4. Based on your recommendation I got "the unlikely diciple" and loved it. My husband found it great too!! I now bought one of the books by Temple Grandin!

  5. I bought "the unlikely diciple" based on your recommendation and loved it. My husband liked it too. I just have bought one of the books by Temple Grandin and can't wait to read it.


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