Episode 230: Live from Montana!


Recorded on August 8, 2021

Book talk starts at 26:30

Our annual Mother Bear KAL is on!  Any Mother Bear that you have knit or crocheted in 2021 is eligible to post in our FO Thread.  One post per bear please.  Please see all the rules and participate in the Chatter Thread. #2021MBKAL2KL

Virtual get-together via Zoom on Saturdays, 12 noon  PST - Details here

Tracie's Let's Shawl-A-Brate
We are giving away 3 copies of Fredi Baker’s Let’s Shawl-a-Brate! pattern.  Leave a comment on the prize thread telling us how you feel about putting colors together - love it, get intimidated, or always buy the kit?  Thread will close August 15.

Joining us on this podcast is our friend, Eileen, better known on Ravelry as Redsknits!  Eileen is a very accomplished knitter, spinner, quilter and wood turner.  


Barb finished:

Barb continues to work on:
Barb has Cast On:

Eileen has finished:

Eileen  is working on:
  • Stripes! by Andrea Mowry, using Jameson & Smith and Jameson and a Rowan yarn.
  • A beret modeled on the motifs from her Forestland pullover by Jennifer Steingass

Tracie has finished:

Tracie is working on:

We discussed the our friend Shelley's cardigan.  This is her Desert Sunset using the Stripes Forever pattern by Heidimarie Kaiser.  Such a beautiful sweater, with an interesting shoulder detail, and Shelley added afterthought pockets.  Shelley is Sequoiashelley on Ravelry.  The sweater and pictures are below:


Tracie and Barb both read:

  • PEEPS by Erin Gordon.  4 stars from Tracie, 5 stars from Barb!

Eileen read:

Tracie read:

Barb, Tracie and Eileen talked about their trip to The Farmer's Daughter Fibers in Craig, Montana.  Here we are with a few purchases....left to right, Eileen, Barb, Tracie and Shelley!