Hear ye, hear ye - the feed has been updated! To begin receiving our new episodes (Episode 72 will be up this weekend!), please go to iTunes, Downcast, or whatever app you use to listen us, unsubscribe and then resubscribe to 2 Knit Lit Chicks. If our last episode, "RIP Emma's Taco House" pops up, you have successfully caught our new feed and are all set to catch our any new episodes (and eventually our old ones once we have uploaded them). Thanks for your patience!

You will need to unsubscribe and delete the podcast, then go back into the iTunes Store to resubscribe!


  1. I have been missing you this summer and just realized this change. All this time, I've thought you were taking some time off. Unfortunately, Podkicker doesn't seem to pick up your podcast. Is there a step that I am missing or will Podkicker just not work. (I listen to you with my Android (Samsung Galaxy III) phone so I-tunes is not possible.

  2. Hi, Heidi! We're glad you found us - we have been trying to get the word out to all our listeners but it's been difficult. Please try adding us manually by typing in our new feed: You should be able to get our last few episodes that way. Thanks so much for your patience!

  3. Tracie
    I unsubed and resubed and cannot get anything after the taco show ;-(

  4. Hi, Susan - I don't know what app or program you are using to get the podcast. If you are using iTunes, please make sure you go into the iTunes store to resubscribe, not just in your own iTunes library. If you are using Downcast or another kind of podcast catcher, you can try manually by typing in our new feed: I hope this helps!


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